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Futility embodies the spirit of an open, multi-level project, a universe where everything is possible. Exploration represents the leitmotif of the initiative, through ideas, materials and solutions that we gradually face during our long and exciting journey. The name is ironic but also not. Refers to small and large objects, purely decorative or essentially.

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We feel like explorers, always traveling in search of the next big adventure,
to discover something new about the world and about ourselves.
We tell ourselves eclectics in the choice and variety of collection products, each with its own story, and its own style, and are not necessarily
connected to each other. 
We describe ourselves as intuitive because we know how to grasp
simplicity with the intention of simplifying life for our users.
We express ourselves as artisans 4.0, capable of combining manual
skills with digital technology but also respecting the production
and marketing processes.
We see ourselves as dreamers, because we have imagined
many of the things we are going to produce tomorrow!


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